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Thanks for joining us at HUG 2011! We hoped that you enjoyed all of the amazing content that the HubSpot team shared. To see the slides and videos from all 2011 HUGS presenters click on the links in the agenda below.

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Link Building Strategies that Work
This workshop will leverage Link Grader and Page Grader to teach novice inbound marketers the value of inbound links, what tactics to avoid and what strategies to put into practice. Expect lively discussion and various examples of good strategies in action.
Taking Content Creation to the Next Level
In this workshop, you’ll brainstorm with the group on strategies on how to overcome your current challenges around content and take away an outline / new idea for that webinar, ebook, large-scale promotion you’ve been meaning to accomplish.
Social Media CTA Best Practices for Lead Generation
You're already generating social leads - learn how to optimize and position your social calls-to-action to dial up the leads and activity. Use the CTA module, landing pages and even some Performable tools to get dollars and cents out of your social engagement.

(Session 2)

How to Get Found With Blogging and Social Media
This session will take beginners through best practice strategies to break into both blogging and social media successfully and how to stay there (maintain momentum). Look forward to examples of success to help you understand how to apply these concepts to your business.
Best Practices For Social Media Lead Generation
This session will offer new strategies and tips on how to turn your social media following into a steadily flowing stream of leads! Take full advantage of the blog, landing pages and the CTA creator to create experiments that will help you deliver more to your bottom line.
Generate Leads and Reach With Co-Marketing
One plus one can equal three.  Learn valuable methods of expanding your reach by co-operating with complementary businesses to increase your online visibily. Leverage email, landing pages and the leads API to co-market and save money while generating leads and building relationships (and links!)

(Session 3)


How to Create Offers That Convert
Work with HubSpot consultants to develop specific ideas and tactics to identify and develop personas and use those to develop strategic content offers that will attract your "dream" leads. Walk away with materials for your top performing blog and landing page ideas.
How to Increase Customer Conversion Rates with Inbound Marketing
Be prepared to take a hard look at your lead nurturing strategy and buying cycle to assess how they line up with your sales process to help you move early stage leads to late stage leads. Use sources and lead nurturing analytics to tweak existing or create new campaigns for improved sell through.
Nature of Nurturing: How to Turn More Leads Into Your Best Customers
You’ve spent lots of time, money, and hard work to generate the leads flowing into your funnel - don’t let them go to waste! Join this session to learn how to make your funnel work for you. Use analytics to identify who your best customers are, and set up targeted and automated lead nurturing programs to turn more of your prospects into customers.
Optional Small Group Session
Performable - Seriously Sophisticated Automation
This 90 minute small group session will introduce Performable to any HubSpot customer with sophisticated analytics and nurturing needs who are wondering how they can make the most of the middle of their funnel. Get a live demo and learn how Performable's capabilities could apply to your most challenging situations.

(Session 4)


CTA and Landing Page Bootcamp
Join this hands-on workshop to build your inbound skills across the entire CTA and Landing Page creation cycle. Get back to work with the knowledge to get more visitors to convert into leads.
Combining Offline and Online Marketing For Amplified Results
Learn how marketers are optimizing their marketing spend by building bridges from costly offline activities to online conversions on your website. Explore how sources, landing pages and even the new Performable capabilities can help you get more out of every dollar.
Attributing ROI to Inbound Marketing
This hands-on workshop will help you map dollars and cents to your HubSpot data so that you can better understand the ROI of your inbound efforts. Learn how new Performable features can help you dig even deeper, mapping dollar value to keywords and even showing you how each event leads to revenue.
Optional Small Group Session
The HubSpot Platform and APIs
This 90 minute session is ideal for customers who want to learn more about the HubSpot Platform, API's (called HAPI) and the HubSpot App and Services Marketplaces. The session will include an introductory talk followed by round table discussion with members of the Platform and marketplaces teams.

(Session 5)

Engaging Leads with Email and Lead Nurturing
This beginner level class will explore how integrated email marketing and lead nurturing can increase lead volume and reconversion. Learn basic email marketing and lead nurturing best practices so you can implement your first compelling campaigns.
How to Create and Leverage Sophisticated Marketing Reports
Charts are nice, but decision making data tools are far better. Walk away from this workshop with some new reporting views to bring your analysis to the next level, show off your results and make decisions like a marketing genius!
Hacking The HubSpot CMS
Want to make your HubSpot CMS based site or blog ten times more effective and like a little HTML? Learn how to create quick wins such as suggested reading links, configuring the Read More tool, custom navigation labels using 301 redirects, and more.

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